Hungry For the News

Hungry for the newsWhen Joseph’s brothers saw him coming over the crest of the hill, with that big multi-colored coat flapping in the wind, looking like royalty, they hatched a plan without a moment of hesitation, look at pretty boy; let’s kill him!   This poor teenager, daddy’s favorite, was about to encounter the Yiddish ‘twilight zone’.   Beaten, thrown in a dry well, and sold into slavery for a half pound of silver; Joseph was seeing firsthand how brotherly love didn’t work to his advantage!   For all his brothers knew, Joseph was sold at the slave market, never to be heard from again.   This violent turn of events launched Joseph into a trajectory that caused him to land in Egypt.  Into the second most powerful seat in Egypt!

 Twenty years without a letter from home is a long time! Joseph wondered how the family was doing.   Who had been sick, who had married, who had died and who had moved away?  So many questions, so few answers.  No news is unsettling!  Would you have given the family a second thought after what had transpired?   To be fair, Joseph’s family didn’t know where or who he was.   A severe famine in Joseph’s hometown brought his brothers to Egypt to buy food.   Joseph recognized his brother’s, but they didn’t recognize the powerful ruler before them.   He was hungry for news from home, but played his role wisely.   When he finally revealed himself to his brothers, they were terrified.  What would happen to them?   Had it been anyone other than Joseph, it might have been their final day.   Joseph decided to forgive and forget and told them of God’s plan. Joseph told them, “You intended to harm me, but God intended it for good to accomplish what is now being done, the saving of many lives.”  Genesis 50:20

God uses people’s evil actions to sometimes fulfill His ultimate plan.    God is sovereign.  His plans are not dictated by human actions.  “So, then it was not you who sent me here (Egypt), but God.” Genesis 50:20.

 Bottom line

“In God have I put my trust: I will not be afraid what man can do unto me.”  Psalm 56:11

The Total so Far is…..

What if? What if you were assigned an angel, not a guardian angel, but an accounting angel, to watch your every step?  An angel to meticulously count your every mistake, every misbehavior, every misfeasance, every misstep, every misreckoning, every mismanagement, every misbegotten thought, every misnomer, every miscue, every miscalculation, every misconduct, every mishap, every misunderstanding, every misalliance, every trivial misdemeanor, and every mischievous misthought, time date and place!

It might go something like this: he fell down, he got up, he fell down, he fell down, he fell down, he barely got up, he fell down, he stayed down, someone helped him up, he fell down  and kept falling, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera!

Romans 3:23 says: “For all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God.”  Attitude is not the issue, restoration is the issue.  Romans 6:23 says: “For the wages of sin is death, the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus.”  Everyone must travel the Roman Road to have restoration.

What if, on Judgment Day, your scrupulously precise angel presented all the books on your behavior, and they stacked up like a redwood forest.  The judge sees your Roman Road passport and dismisses all charges!

Did Noah Wear A Fedora?

Everybody knows about Noah and the ark he built to save mankind. Without doubt it’s one of the greatest stories ever told—one man; saving the world!  The Bible mentions men in 99% of the stories in the Bible, but every now and then a woman captures the attention of the writer and the reader!

 Did you know that there were two Noahs?  There was Noah the great ark builder and there was Noah the daughter of Zelophehad Numbers 26; (Did her dad name her after the original?)  In Biblical times sons got everything, including the inheritance from their dad.  This included any land that dad owned.  Time passed and Zelophehad died, leaving no sons, just Noah and her four sisters.  Then providence intervened.  Noah went to Moses and asked, “Why should our father’s name disappear from his clan because he had no son?  Give us property among our father’s relatives!”  Noah proposed an original idea.

 Moses brought the issue directly to God, and after some deliberations, the matter was settled.  God agreed with the five women! God told Moses to set up a rule that extended forward; that the property of any man who died without sons should go to his daughters.  A legal precedent was set!  Case law established by the ultimate judge!  But it wasn’t over yet!

 Noah petitioned Moses again asking, “What if we marry out of our tribe, wouldn’t our inheritance become part of our husband’s tribes?”  Moses brought the same issue directly to God, again, and after more deliberations, the matter was settled, again.  God agreed with the five women, again, but only to the extent that they marry within their own tribe so that the territorial lines would remain intact (Numbers 36:5-12).  Case law established by the ultimate judge, again!  Was it over?  We wait.

See the case law established in Numbers 26, 27, 36 and Joshua 17.  See for yourself.

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