Children Speaking Gibberish or Jibberish?

Children SpeakingStick kids

When Jesus picked his disciples they were grown men, successful at their trade, but they were brand new to what Jesus had in store for them.  They mistakenly assumed that this carpenter from Nazareth would challenge the Roman authority and start the nation of Israel on the path to freedom and self government.  Every day Jesus sparred with the Pharisees, the authorities, and the doubters.  The disciples witnessed every action and reaction.  They thought Jesus was secretly waiting for the right opportunity to strike.  The longer they waited, the more anticipation built up.

What do you think the turning point was for most of the disciples?  His method of treating everybody equally was a bit unnerving but tolerable.  Healing people from every walk of life was incredible and unbelievable.  Sparring with the Pharisees and authorities was amusing but tense.  When was Jesus going to announce that he was the Old Testament Messiah everybody was waiting for and that he would restore the nation of Israel to its glory days like under King David?  Jesus liked to talk about sowing seed, catching fish, forgiving your enemies, helping the poor and a hundred other subjects.  With anticipation building, near the end of his ministry, Jesus and his disciples were traveling towards Jerusalem for the last time when they stopped to rest.  Guess what happened?

“People were also bringing babies to Jesus to have him touch them.  When the disciples saw this, they rebuked them.  But Jesus called the children to him and said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these.””  Luke 18:15-16  Did those children remember meeting Jesus when they grew up?  Would you?

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McOG Burger Super-sized Please



When is your appetite the biggest?  A Super Bowl party, a summer cookout, at the state fair, the BBQ and chili cook-off competition?  What if your appetite can’t be satisfied with the finest cuisine but demands more?  What if all the things in this life can’t satisfy your insatiable appetite?  What’s a poor rich miscreant to do?  Can an appetite be satisfied?  The Bible’s King Og must have had an enormous appetite.  He was one of the giants from the remnant of Rephaim.  Deuteronomy says his iron bed alone was measured in cubits which scholars believe was about 13 1/2 feet by 6 feet.  WOW!  Where did such a box springs and mattress come from?  And what did his sword and shield weigh?  It’s certain his appetite needed a big sandwich for lunch.  What would a super-sized meal cost him today?  History books state that when the food ran out that Og and the other giants turned on their people and began eating them. Yes, Og had an appetite as well as an attitude and was handed over to the Israelites for defeat by God.

Have you ever met a mega-millionaire who didn’t want another million?  Have you ever met a mega-Hollywood star who didn’t want another Oscar? Have you ever met a megalo-maniac who didn’t want more of themselves?  What is it about our inner-self that never seems to be satisfied, that never seems to be at peace, which never seems to be contented?  What is this elusive ingredient that satisfies our intrinsic longing for peace and satisfaction?  Does it even exist?

Take a breath and relax, there’s a solution to alleviate that voracious appetite.  Money can’t buy it, brownie points won’t redeem it, and it’s not for barter or trade, and wealth and privilege won’t get you any quicker access.  It’s not without a price, but money isn’t the medium for this particular exchange.  This is something the whole world has trouble understanding-yet, hungers for.  The “hidden in plain sight” quality is twofold—Godliness with Contentment.

The Book of First Timothy reminds us that God provides the resources needed to live a fulfilling and satisfying life.  Chapter six, verse six is the launch site for a purposeful journey. “For godliness with contentment is great gain.”

In contrast to the material gain that others think is so important, the Christian finds his gain and nutrition in a non-financial way—godliness and contentment, or self-sufficiency, which ultimately results from an inner satisfaction with the situation that God has ordained for them.

Is your appetite a carbon copy of the world’s selfishness, pride, and lust for power, or do they reflect the humility and self-sacrifice of Jesus, your King?  Jesus said that God’s kingdom is organized differently from worldly kingdoms.  Your attitudes and appetites tend to be closely related.

“Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be filled.”  Matthew 6:6

Can a Doll Save Your Life?

Can a Doll Save YourLife

You’re behind enemy lines and coming dangerously close to being found.  There is no outrunning the enemy, there is no outfighting the enemy, there’s no escaping the enemy, and the pressure is steadily building.  Desperation sets in quickly!  There is one option left, by uttering a fast prayer, there is outfoxing the enemy!  When all else fails, try prayer!


The scenario you have envisioned is not a Hollywood scrip undergoing final revision, it’s not a sci-fi short story by a master wordsmith, it’s not an almost true story of a prisoner caught up in World War 1 in France, it’s not the Twilight Zone—this is real and death is at the doorstep knocking.  What it is, is a true story straight from the Greatest Story ever told.  It’s a story straight from the Bible that makes you think, why television doesn’t use more of these stories and less manufactured garbage from hallucinogenic egos.

You interested in detail?  Chapter and verse?  Go to the Old Testament, find the Book of Joshua, find chapter two, grab a snack and a cup of coffee and settle in for a thrill a minute.  Best of all, there are no commercials interrupting.

The Exodus had recently happened.  The nation sent out spies to size up the land God had promised.  While scoping out their options, two of the spies were hiding in the city of Jericho, in the house of a prostitute named Rahab.  Rehab’s house was in an ideal location for a quick escape because it was built into the city wall.  God directed the spies to Rehab’s house because he knew her heart was open to him and that she would be instrumental in the Israelite victory over Jericho.  As for her lying to the troops, God will use people with simple faith to accomplish his great purposes, regardless of their past.  When the king of Jericho was told of the spies, he looked to Rahab to rat them out.  Rahab told him, they had already left the city, when in fact she hid them on the roof under piles of flax.  But the heart of this story is the kindness showed by her toward them.  She would save them if they would do something for her.  When they came into the land that God had promised, they must let her family live.  The agreement was struck.  Everyone lived to see another day.

God works through people—like Rahab—whom we are inclined to reject.  God remembers her because of her faith, not her profession.  At times we all feel like failures, when this happens remember that Rahab rose above her situation through her trust in God.  You can do the same!

What a happy ending.  One beautiful doll saved the lives of two.  Two later saved the lives of dozens.  But the most beautiful part, Rahab knew the God of the Israelites could be trusted.  Being a relative of Boaz made her a relative of King David, which made her a relative of Jesus!  Dolls rock.

“By faith the prostitute Rahab, because she welcomed the spies, was not killed with those who were disobedient.” Hebrews 11:31