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What if you could make a direct call, person-to-person to someone in heaven?  Would that mean you would be connected to someone sitting on a cloud with wings strumming a harp?  One man did call heaven and believe it or not, his call went through!  There was interference on the line, and he didn’t get a reply.  That is, he didn’t get an immediate reply.  Would you believe he got a reply three weeks later?!  It happened, and the Operator has provided us with a transcript of exactly what happened.

The call was just one of many, but this particular call would have someone listening in on the conversation.  How can that be you ask—let’s examine the evidence and see what went wrong and what exactly happened.

An Old Testament prophet was placing the call.  His name was Daniel.  He was calling asking God for assistance in a matter (dream interpretation).  God received the call and immediately dispatched an answer.  The answer was sent, but an eavesdropper interfered with the delivery of said message (for 21 days)!  The incident is recorded in the Book of Daniel, Chapter 10.  Daniel’s answer was sent and the messenger, an angel from God, was delivering the answer but was delayed by the prince of the Persian Kingdom!  It wasn’t until Michael (the archangel), one of the chief princes, who came to help that the message was finally delivered.  They explained the delay and the answer Daniel sought.  Call completed!  Thank you for using PTC (person-to-Creator).

Should you place a direct call to heaven, be patient, an answer is coming.  We have a direct line to God by knowing God the Father through His Son, Jesus. In Luke 11: 1—4 Jesus teaches his disciples how to pray and get directly to the Father.  He said when you pray, say the Lord’s Prayer. Our prayers are a direct line to the Father.


“For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved.”

Romans 10:13

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What’s My Line?

Television has imprinted sights, sounds, and characters in our memory.  Every decade produces age specific memories.  From musicals to variety shows, from crime dramas to westerns, there were enough bizarre characters to distort any child’s mind.  One such program was rather clever.  It involved a panel of well known celebrities who would try and guess the occupation of someone after asking several specific questions.  The guests may range from a tax collector to the mayor of a large city.  Nobody was what they appeared to be.

The Bible introduces us to several well-known personalities in a similar manner.  We are told several things about them and yet they will remain an enigma to us.  Their behavior and description seldom seem to coalesce.  One such man was a Nazarite with certain lifestyle requirements, which were seldom observed.  He was anointed by God with incredible strength.  His enemies detested him and he ridiculed them every chance he got.

In one instance he went to the city of Gaza to spend the night with a prostitute.  The city was a Philistine city and his enemies waited for a chance to catch him and kill him!  Knowing their plan, he left in the middle of the night and went to the city’s entrance, to the city gate.  With his incredible strength, he took hold of the doors of the city gate, together with the two posts, and tore them loose, bar and all.  He lifted them to his shoulders and carried them to the top of the hill that faces Hebron!  So what do you say?  I’ll tell you so what—he carried the doors and the supporting posts which weighted several hundred pounds a distance of thirty-eight miles to Hebron.  Thirty-eight miles!ys this man’s death Examples that parallel Jesus’ death:

  • People mocked him
  • God delivered him
  • His friends betrayed him
  • He died with out-stretched hands
  • A temple was destroyed
  • A sacrificial death

The enemy thought that they had won. One unmistakable event separates them, he stayed in his tomb, and Christ did not! What was his line?  He was a “judge”!  Do read about him in Judges 13-16.

What should we learn from this person’s life?  Great strength in one area does not make up for great weaknesses in other areas.  God’s presence does not overwhelm a person’s will. Finally, God can use a person of faith in spite of his or her mistakes.

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What is really on the inside?

Appearances are deceiving. Some mushrooms sautéed in butter are quite delicious and leave a delicate lingering aftertaste, and some mushrooms will have you in the graveyard with lingering aftertaste of, “How foolish could I have been”! Some snakes are exquisitely detailed with vibrant colors and patterns that are very pleasing to the eye and some are the color of dirt. The difference is that some snakes are harmless and some can kill with a single drop of venom. Seeing what’s on the inside can be a terrific advantage. People are often the most challenging specimens. It’s not easy to discern whether someone’s a ‘new friend’ or wants to rob you and leave you for dead.

Everyone has to learn to be a good judge of another’s character. Politicians have always been under suspicion because of their proximity to money and power. What lies just under the surface can suddenly swallow a person whole. Just ask Jonah. In Jesus’ day there were many who appeared to be one thing but in reality were something totally foreign. Common people had some difficulty with discernment, but not Jesus. He looked at their hearts and intentions. And some were revolting!

On one particular occasion Jesus called a spade a spade and the crowd loved it, but those He addressed weren’t so impressed with His description of them. Jesus was talking to the teachers of the law and the Pharisees. In Matthew 27, He let the people listening see what was really on the inside of these ‘holy’ men. Jesus said that everything they do is done for men to see. He said they are full of pride and love the attention of others. Jesus said they were hypocrites, blind guides, and blind fools! He said they were full of greed and self-indulgence. Jesus said they were like whitewashed tombs, which looks beautiful on the outside, but on the inside are full of dead men’s bones and everything unclean. He said they were snakes; a brood of vipers!

Jesus sees what’s on the inside of everybody. If you started peeling, what would the world see?

“And when you pray, do not keep on babbling like pagans,
for they think they will be heard because of their many words.
Do not be like them, for your Father knowswhat you need before you ask.”

Matthew 6:7

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